Bond 24 Script Scoring A Massive Overhaul?

A little while back came word that regular Bond series scribes Neil Purvis and Robert Wade were brought onboard the upcoming twenty-fourth James Bond film to polish John Logan’s script.

At the time it seemed they were just coming back to add some humor. Now though, a report in The Daily Mail indicates their revisions were potentially far more extensive than that.

Sources say writers Neil Purvis and Robert Wade answered a fire-alarm call from actor Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes to ‘rescue’ the screenplay and add some ‘thrills’. They then delivered a “substantially different” work to producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson – and the green light has been given for filming to start in late November/early December.

The paper’s source says: “Everyone’s excited, and all systems are pumping away at full speed. There was an awful lot of work to do. It was a big job. The impression given was that Purvis and Wade were hired to add jokes – but it was a bigger deal than that.”

Award-winning playwright and “Penny Dreadful” creator Logan came onboard the series at Mendes’ request to re-write Purvis and Wade’s earlier “Skyfall” draft with the latter two essentially retiring from the series.

Now Mendes has reportedly had a lot of making up to do to Purvis and Wade to get them back onboard to fix Logan’s draft.