Bond 24 Gets A New Cinematographer

Though it got great notices, without a doubt the most universally acclaimed element of the Sam Mendes-directed 2012 James Bond film “Skyfall” was that of the visual work and compositions of cinematographer Roger Deakins.

Sadly Mendes couldn’t get Deakins back for the upcoming “Skyfall” due to his commitment to the Coens’ upcoming “Hail, Caesar”. It’s a fair enough scheduling conflict though, after all Deakins’ work on “Skyfall” prevented him from working on the Coens’ “Inside Llewyn Davis”.

Despite Deakins’ departure, it seems Mendes has settled on a superb replacement. In Contention reports that Hoyte van Hoytema has scored the gig.

The Dutch-Swedish cinematographer first came to notice for the original “Let the Right One In” and has since done stellar work on the likes of “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” “The Fighter,” “Her” and Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi epic “Interstellar”.

The site also says, though this is unconfirmed, that Bond 24 could be shot on film rather than digitally as it was on “Skyfall”.