Bond 23 Will Get Its Indian Railway Stunt

Permissions have finally been granted for the upcoming 23rd James Bond film shoot a daring stunt sequence on railways in India reports MI6.

India Take One Productions, EON Production’s partner in the country, and the country’s railway minister Dinesh Trivedi have come to an agreement. Changes are being made to the sequence which ensures both passenger safety and that the public image of the company would be maintained.

According to The Hindustan Times, the original sequence had Bond jumping from a motorcycle to a moving train and then jumping onto the roof of another train packed with travellers. Rooftop travel in India however is illegal and a serious problem for the rail networks. So now the stunt will be done without any travellers on the train roof.

In exchange, 007 will become a “brand ambassador” to the Indian Railways company and will promote it. A mock-up of the sequence was reportedly shot in England with model trains to demonstrate what would be required for the full scale version.

Meanwhile British singer and songwriter Adele is rumoured to be recording the theme song later this year according to Vulture.

During an interview on “The Jonathan Ross Show” on the weekend, Adele said she would soon be recording a theme song to which Ross hummed the Bond theme. She just laughed in response – hardly conclusive. Certainly it seems WAY too early for a theme song to be considered at this point.