Bomber Heist Tale Gets Adapted

Mythology Entertainment and Anyway Entertainment have scored the screen rights to former FBI Special Agent Gerald Clark and journalist Ed Palattella’s upcoming non-fiction book “Pizza Bomber” about a disastrous 2003 bank robbery says Deadline.

A Pennsylvanian pizza delivery man entered a bank telling the teller he’d been shackled with an explosive device around his neck and forced to pull off a heist. As he exited, the bomb went off and killed him instantly.

Ultimately it was discovered he wasn’t a victim but a co-conspirator unaware that a real bomb would be involved. The actual mastermind was a woman who is currently serving life plus thirty years in prison.

Clark Peterson, Bradley Fischer, James Vanderbilt, Ron Senkowski and Edward McGurn will produce the film which is currently going by the title “Collar Bomb Heist”. If the story sounds familiar, it bears distinct similarities to Ruben Fleischer’s comedy “30 Minutes Or Less”.