Bodyswap? Dull, Pets Bodyswap? Hot

The body swap comedy formula is getting another go around the yard – this time with pets according to Variety.

New Line Cinema and Mandalay Pictures are developing “Furry Friday”, a live-action family film which aims for a four-legged take on the classic body-swapping comedy. This time instead of a mother-daughter swapping minds, it’s a dog and a cat.

David H. Steinberg (“Puss in Boots”) has been brought onboard to rewrite the script’s first draft by Cathy Schulman (“The Illusionist”) and Adam Stone (“Limitless”). The latter two will produce the film.

We’ve seen many versions of the bodyswap formula before, including the Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman-led “The Change-Up” opening this Summer. From two versions of “Freaky Friday”, to Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin in “All of Me”, Guy Pearce and Claudia Karvan in “Dating the Enemy”, Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron in “Like Father, Like Son”, Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams in “The Hot Chick”, Ellen Barkin and Perry King in “Switch”, Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage in “Vice Versa”, Kevin Zegers and Samaire Armstrong in “It’s A Boy Girl Thing”, and that’s not even taking into account the films which do the older/younger person body swap idea like “Big” or “13 Going on 30”.