Boat Sails To New Distributor, Runtime

After fizzling at the international box-office, British comedy “The Boat That Rocked” is getting re-tooled in time for its American release says Variety.

Richard Curtis-helmed the laugher about 60’s pirate radio broadcasters which stars the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Night, Nick Frost and Kenneth Branagh.

Released in many international territories a few months ago, the $50 million project took in a mere $25 million – one of the few flops for Working Title who’ve had success with Curtis’ other films like “Four Wedding and a Funeral” and “Love Actually”.

While Universal Pictures was set to release the film on August 28th in the US, it has now handed over distribution to its speciality division Focus Features who will open the film sometime in November.

On top of that, Focus chief James Schamus and Curtis plan to trim around 20 minutes from the film’s often criticized lengthy 129 minute runtime.