Blurry Joker Set Photos Online

At this rate it’ll be by sometime next week that we’ll get the first clear taabloid photo of The Joker.

The first blurry photos of what looks like Heath Ledger in his Joker make-up for “The Dark Knight” have gone online – even if it only shows vague details for the moment.

Its been said the studio was worried that blurry, out of context tabloid images of The Joker look would get out before they had a chance to reveal a full, properly dressed and lit publicity still (ie. this shot for “Superman Returns” released 14 months pre-release).

That fear has now been realised with the same batch of images hitting inboxes this morning with both Latino Review and Superhero Hype managing to get ’em up first.

Of the shots only two are really important – the one glimpsed above showing Heath definitely with green hair and some mouth discoloration (also looking a little pale). The other is this one showing what looks like the make-up designs for his ‘clown goons’ featured in the robbery scene being shot in Chicago at present.