Blunt Talks “Edge” Sequel & “Captain Marvel”

If there was one bit of rumored casting that seemed pitch perfect, it was that of Emily Blunt joining the MCU in the titular role in “Captain Marvel”. Of course the role ultimately went to Brie Larson, but Blunt seemed like a serious contender throughout much of the lead up to the role’s casting.

Speaking with Screen Crush this week doing promotion for “A Quiet Place,” Blunt revealed that while she was well aware of the rumors surrounding “Captain Marvel” and even admitted she was most definitely interested, she never received a call from Marvel or anybody involved with the project: “Oh, no, nobody ever called me about it. [Laughs] It was all untrue!.”

Blunt has been busy over much of the past year shooting Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns” and reveals in a chat with Indiewire that it was her commitment to that which has prevented her (so far) from reprising her role of Rita in the “Edge of Tomorrow” sequel alongside Tom Cruise:

“Doug Liman has got an awesome idea and he’s excited and they just need to write it. There has been a script, but now I gather there’s another one in the works. It’s a lot for all the stars to align for everyone to be free at the same time and available to do it at the same time. They asked me to do [it] two months before I started ‘Mary Poppins.’ Tom was like, ‘Can you go this autumn?’ and I was like, ‘No, I can’t go, I’m playing Mary Poppins for like a year, dude! I can’t do ‘Edge of Tomorrow.'”

Blunt adds that she is game to return, it’s just not clear when it will happen. Cruise is occupied with the “Top Gun” sequel and promoting “Mission Impossible: Fallout” for much of this year.