Blunt Goes Nuts For Joker In Knight?

Remember the rumours of “The Devil Wears Prada” actress Emily Blunt being up for the Katie Holmes role in “The Dark Knight”? Turns out the talk was only half correct. Whilst Maggie Gyllenhaal may have won the role of Rachel Dawes, seems that Blunt is still scheduled to appear in the film but in the role of a villain according to the British tabloids.

Which one? Fan speculation already has her as the new Poison Ivy, but the more likely scenario comes from this ‘preview tidbit’ of a script review over at LatineReview, they’re full review will be going up next week but in the meantime their scooper ‘Razzle’ dropped this bombshell as a tease:

“Rogue’s gallery fans will go ga-ga over one scene in the middle of the film in which Bruce Wayne visits Arkham Asylum. Touring the maximum security ward, which sounds very “Silence of the Lambs” with subterranean glass cells, he discusses the psychology of the Joker with the resident doctor who’s showing him around – Harleen Quinzel.

This ‘Harley Quinn’ though is written as a smart, assertive woman (no bubbly blond, awww) and their verbal sparring is one of the real dialogue highlights. There’s no hint of her in costume or anything, she and the Joker don’t physically meet until the final moments of the film, and even then it’s only a glance.

More interesting is during the tour she rattles off a list of the dangerous patients being kept in these wards including Jervis Tetch (Mad Hatter), Arnold Wesker (The Ventriloquist), Aaron Helzinger (Amygdala) and Garfield Lynns (Firefly). Their ‘villain names’ aren’t mentioned, only full names, but each has a fun psychological dissection of their disorders like Tetch’s homicidal obsessiveness and Lynn’s compulsive pyromania.

More next week, but I can confirm that whilst The Penguin is indeed NOT in the film, his name (villain name, not real name) is mentioned in one line. Dr. Thomas Elliot (Hush) and Roman Sionis (Black Mask) appear – both being setup as characters to appear in the inevitable next sequel”.