Blunt Cautious About “Edge of Tomorrow 2”

Out doing promotion for her new film “Sicario,” actress Emily Blunt has spoken about her trepidation towards being involved in the proposed sequel to the 2014 time-bending sci-fi thriller “Edge of Tomorrow”.

The film’s star Tom Cruise reportedly had an idea for the story that convinced writer Christoper McQuarrie to develop it further, but a key to that would be Blunt’s involvement. Uproxx spoke with Blunt who admits she’s game but on a condition:

“I would for sure! But the idea would have to be good; it would just have to be a great idea. I don’t want to dilute how great the first one is with a second one that’s not as good. I’m terrified of sequels, to be honest with you.”

That will be a tough challenge as the first film is quite self contained and ended with all its action tied up fairly neatly. McQuarrie and Cruise are also occupied with more “Jack Reacher” and “Mission Impossible” sequels in the near future.