Blum On “Halloween,” “Spawn” Creator Involvement

A producing industry in his own right, Jason Blum is currently out doing press for Blumhouse’s new horror project “Happy Death Day” and discussed two of the company’s most high profile upcoming projects with Coming Soon.

The first is the “Halloween” reboot which sees David Gordon Green helming from a script by himself and Danny McBride. Most importantly though it brings back Jamie Lee Curtis to the franchise, and has the involvement of original film director John Carpenter.

In recent years Carpenter’s name has been on remakes of several of his most famous works as an executive producer, but in those cases he’s had no real involvement. That’s not the case here insists Blum:

“We don’t take any big steps without his approval, so for instance hiring David and Danny he approved. He approved their pitch, he approved their first script. He approved bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis.

So anytime we make a big creative turn he’s involved with that and we don’t do it without his blessing. We went to him and asked him to be involved. There was no contractual, financial or any other obligation to have him on this movie. We went back and asked him to join us again.”

Blum also discussed the “Spawn” reboot which creator Todd McFarlane is directing. Labelled a ‘down and dirty horror film’ as opposed to a big-budget fantasy film, Blum spoke about the challenge of telling the story on a contained budget:

“One of the things is we’re keeping the scope of the script relatively contained, so that’s the biggest way. I think the other way is he and I aren’t paying ourselves any money out of the budget nor will any of the actors, so that’s another way. We’re using our usual tricks!”

McFarlane has written the first draft of the screenplay and is set to make his directorial debut on the project.