Blues Brothers Revived For Television

John Belushi’s widow Judith Belushi-Pisano and “Saturday Night Live” writer Anne Beatts have teamed to pen a pilot script currently being shopped around for a TV series version of John Landis’ classic 1980 film comedy “The Blues Brothers” reports Variety.

The series will follow the musical duo of Jake and Elwood Blues and takes place just after they both get out of jail. A major story thread will involve Elwood searching for his real father while each episode in the series will include one main musical number with different musicians taking on the role of The Blues Brothers band as Jake and Elwood travel the United States.

Universal owns the film rights to the property, but Dan Aykroyd and Judith Belushi-Pisano share the television rights. Aykroyd’s voice will be heard in the unseen role of Jake and Elwood’s parole officer. No other casting decisions have yet been made.