Blue Sky Weaving An Anubis Tapestry?

Slashfilm came upon an interesting rumor today – that Fox’s CG animated Blue Sky Studios (“Ice Age,” “Robots,” “Horton Hears a Who”) might have optioned the book “The Anubis Tapestry” as one of their next projects.

Written and illustrated by Bruce Zick, The Anubis Tapestry deals with a boy who must become a mummy in order to rescue his father from the ancient Underworld.

Along the way, we get involved with Mythxx creatures, a rivalry as old as time, horrific Goth-Beasts, and thirty Monsters guarding the thirty Portals of the domain of the dead, leading us to the Chamber of Anubis.

Adding fuel to the fire is that author Zick, a veteran illustrator/animator in his own right, was recently hired by Blue Sky Studios to “develop several of their future film concepts”. “Ice Age” director Chris Wedge also provided an endorsement for the book’s cover.