Blue Is General Zod In “Smallville”

British thesp Callum Blue (TV’s “Dead Like Me,” “The Tudors”) has been cast as the one and only General Zod in the upcoming ninth season of “Smallville”.

The character of the tyranical Kryptonian, most well-known thanks to the performance of Terence Stamp in “Superman II”, appeared briefly several years ago possessing the body of Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) before being banished to the Phantom Zone.

The character seemed to be resurrected in the flesh at the end of last year’s eighth season finale, but was only seen in silhouette from the back leaving the role open to casting. Blue’s role will be a cast regular throughout season nine.

The news comes shortly after the reveal that Brian Austin Green (TV’s “Terminator,” “Beverly Hills 90210”) will have a multi-episode arc as John Corben, a Daily Planet reporter filling in for the missing Clark Kent, who becomes the villain Metallo – a cyborg with a kryptonite power source.

Sadly it seems that one of the strongest talents to have joined the show, actor Sam Witwer, will not be returning at all next year. The actor portrayed Davis Bloome/Doomsday to great critical notices last year, but was let down by a much criticized finale that betrayed the nature of the character and then quickly killed him off.

The new season moves to a Friday night timeslot next season, generally not considered a good omen. However if ratings continue to hold up or improve as they did last year, the show could go on as last month star Allison Mack told indieWire that while she’s only contracted for one more year, lead Tom Welling is set for two.

The ninth season kicks off September 25th on The CW.