Blu-ray Films Coming Out In 3D

Despite Jeffrey Katzenberg’s wild ambitions, the fact is until 3D movies can be projected without inducing eye strain, headaches, or the need for special glasses then it won’t take over as the ‘next big thing’.

Nevertheless the technology is on the way and Tech-On reports that Japan’s Panasonic Corporation (formerly known as as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.) has submitted a proposal to the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) to create a “Blu-ray Disc standard to store three-dimensional imagery formed of left-/right-eye two-channel full-High Definition images (1920×1080 pixels).”

The move would also include a “HDMI standard capable of transmitting 3D imagery” though thankfully not another hardware standard (no HDMI 1.4, whew).

The main idea behind the move is a good one – to avoid a futile standards war (ala Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD) and to prevent a patent conflict related to 3D imagery standards (ie. stop a monopoly dominating the market).

The very good news is the proposal makes clear that the technologies proposed all utilize existing standard technology – so no need for a swanky new TV set or player.

The BDA hopes to begin formal discussion on the standard proposal before the end of 2008, with commercial adoption probably in 2010.