Blomkamp’s “Alien” Sequel On Indefinite Hold

Some sad, but not unexpected, news today indicating that one of the most fan-friendly projects in development right now has been indefinitely put on hold.

“District 9” and “Chappier” director Neill Blomkamp has confirmed via Twitter that his proposed “Aliens” sequel has been put on ice and he’ll be moving on to other projects shortly.

A big part of the reason is due to 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Paradise Lost” is moving forward. Reports a few months back indicated Scott, a producer on Blomkamp’s film, asked for a pause on that project so his “Prometheus” sequel could move forward first.

When said sequel scored its new ‘Alien’-inspired moniker and Scott talked about further films that would bridge the gap to the original “Alien,” chances of the Blomkamp project stalling seemed increasingly likely. The question is if this indefinite hold will one day come to an end a few years down the line, or if the entire project will be quietly scrapped at a later date.

Scott’s “Alien: Paradise Lost” is gearing up for an early 2016 shoot ahead of a 2017 release date. No word on what Blomkamp might turn his attention towards next.