Blomkamp’s “Alien” Film Is Happening

It’s official. “District 9” and “Elysium” helmer Neill Blomkamp is set to take on the “Alien” franchise with a new entry in the series.

Blomkamp rocked the online movie world last month when he posted concept art designs for a direct follow-up to 1986’s “Aliens”. At the time he said the designs were unofficial, but he’d happily take on the project.

The other week in an interview, he then went on to say that Fox was actually keen to do the movie, but he himself was the hold up as he wasn’t sure he wanted to tackle a major studio movie.

Then a few hours ago he posted the following image:

Shortly after, 20th Century Fox confirmed the news to Variety and indicated that this will be a sequel to the original “Alien” franchise and separate from the currently in development “Prometheus” sequel. Deadline adds that Ridley Scott and his Scott Free productions will produce the film which will be set set after the events of “Prometheus 2”.

It’s currently uncertain what route the film will take as such or if Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley will return.