Blomkamp Cancels Crowd-Funded “Firebase”

“District 9” filmmaker Neill Blomkamp’s plans for a crowd-funded feature film version of his Oats Studios Vietnam War-set short film “Firebase” have collapsed.

Blomkamp launched Oats Studios last year as an outlet for experimental shorts which have been released online. The original 27-minute short was set in an alternate sci-fi reality of the Vietnam War in which American soldiers encounter surreal, inexplicable events.

An attempt to crowdfund the feature didn’t set a specific monetary target, and had been soliciting donations directly from its website as opposed to a third-party like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. On Friday the filmmaker tweeted the crowdfunding effort because it hadn’t raised enough cash.

Oats didn’t say how much it had raised but said it would issue refunds to everyone who contributed. They said: “Unfortunately we didn’t raise enough to do something truley [sic] awesome. We would rather over deliver than create an average film. We thank the thousands of people who did back us – hang in there.”