Blofeld Rumors Re-Emerge For “Bond 24”

The other week came word that Christoph Waltz would be playing the villain in the upcoming twenty-fourth James Bond film. At the time, there were also rumors that he might be playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the evil head of SPECTRE who was the main antagonist in the Sean Connery-era of the films.

Now, The Daily Mail reports that they’ve heard the talk as well and have added some more to the story. The British tabloid claims Waltz’s casting will be confirmed at a press conference to be held in the first week of December. At said casting it will be announced that he will be playing Franz Oberhauser, the son of the late Hans Oberhauser who was Bond’s ski instructor and something of a surrogate father figure.

However, their sources claim the casting is a double bluff and Waltz is actually playing Blofeld. The villain’s return has long been awaited, but was never able to happen due to a decades-long legal dispute over the character’s rights. That dispute was finally settled around this time last year.

Of course with Craig’s Bond the continuity of the film series has been reset, and thus this Blofeld will be a fresh start. The tone is said to be more sophisticated and along the lines of Telly Savalas’ version in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” as opposed to Donald Pleasance’s overly theatrical introduction in “You Only Live Twice” or Charles Gray’s firm tongue-in-cheek “Diamonds Are Forever” interpretation.

Producers and EON Productions both declined to comment on the story according to the paper. The new Bond film is slated to begin shooting next month.