Blaxploitation Goes SVOD With Brown Suger

African-American network Bounce TV has announced plans to jump into the subscription VOD field with the app/service ‘Brown Sugar’.

Priced at $3.99-per-month, the service is mostly focused on 1970s-era blaxploitation films like “Shaft,” “Cleopatra Jones,” “Foxy Brown,” “Blacula,” “The Mack,” “Coffy,” “Five on the Black Hand Side,” “Dolemite,” “Cooley High” and “Super Fly”. It’s being pitched as a “black explosion of hot chicks, cool cats and cult classics” and is being sold with the tagline – “Like Netflix, Only Blacker.”

At launch, 111 movie titles will be available with several hundred additional titles added in the months ahead. The company has reportedly already obtained streaming rights from studios for those additions.

Pam Grier, Rick Ross and Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson will serve as the spokespeople for the service which is available for smartphones and tablets in iTunes and Google Play.

Source: Variety