Blanchett Is A Naughty Commie

There’s something about evil blond vixens that make for good adventure movies. Indiana Jones tousled with a treacherous one in his last film, and now he may be doing so again it seems. Though this time, she’s an Oscar winner.

The IESB reports that Cate Blanchett’s role in the upcoming “Indiana Jones IV” may NOT be that of the love interest as many are expecting, but rather the antagonist. The article confirms most of the recent talk of the film involving Cold War-era Russians, Area 51, aliens, thirteen crystal skulls, Inca/Mayan pyramids & temples, the return of Karen Allen, a son. What they add is that Blanchett’s role will be that of a villain in cahoots with the Russians.

Meanwhile a complete breakdown of what’s entailed in the shooting taking place in New Haven, Conneticut is up at the local news site and confirms other details such as the film’s 1957 setting and what’s entailed – “Professor Ford gets pursued by bad guys in black sedans through the Yale campus, up to athletic fields, where he may just catch a football for a moment of lighthearted shtick.”

In other news, Freeze Dried Movies has learned that sets have already begun to be built right between the Psycho house and the disaster set from “War of the Worlds” on the Universal Studios lot in Universal City, California.