Blanchett, Gong, Shia & Indiana

It’s craziness over in “Indiana Jones” land as casting rumours emerge, get shot down and then quietly re-emerge again.

First up as we know, back on Friday actress Cate Blanchett was supposedly signed for the fourth film to play a love interest.

Well, now that’s been scaled back a bit as according to TheRaider.Net, who got the word directly from Dreamworks, Blanchett “has not signed on yet but she IS in negotiations for a part”.

Meanwhile actress Gong Li (“Hannibal Rising,” “Miami Vice”) is, according to The Taiwan United, reportedly considering an offer for a role in “a big-budget Hollywood film in June which she’s now in negotiations [about]”. Of course this has immediately set suspicions that it is for ‘Indiana’ which begins shooting this June in Los Angeles.

Finally, despite his numerous public media denials, Shia LaBeouf is also supposedly confirmed for the film according to various sources.