Blake’s 7 Gets Remade

The classic dark, low-budget British 70’s sci-fi series “Blake’s 7” is set to get a big-budget remake says The Times Online.

The new series will premiere on Sky One, after the satellite broadcaster asked the holders of the rights to develop a fresh series.

The BBC show, created by Terry Nation (who created the Daleks for “Doctor Who”), followed the exploits of Roj Blake as he led a band of reluctant rebels against the totalitarian Federation, which ruled the galaxy. The show was considered the anti-“Star Trek” of its time and was one of the first of the genre to explore the dark and pessimistic themes that pervade modern sci-fi television.

‘Trek’ was a bright and happy crew of military personnel spreading messages of peace and unity in stand-alone episodes. Blake’s by contrast was about a dysfunctional group of cynical thieves, murderers and dissidents forced to work together but always furthering their own agendas.

The show was morally ambiguous, filled with complex characters (many of which got killed off randomly to ensure suspense), and was one of the first shows to employ both serial storylines and seasonal cliffhangers.