Blake Lively Up Picks “Savages” Over “Oz”

Blake Lively has become the frontrunner for the female lead in Oliver Stone’s “Savages” at Universal Pictures reports Variety.

Based on the bestselling novel by Don Winslow, the story follows two best friend pot growers (Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch) in Laguna who share a trippy girl named Ophelia. The duo are so good at their job that an enforcer (Benicio Del Toro) demands they work for his boss, a Mexican drug cartel matriarch (possibly Salma Hayek).

When they refuse, she is kidnapped and they’re forced to come up with a fortune in ransom so they set out to hijack the cartel’s drug supply. Lively would play Ophelia, a role Jennifer Lawrence was previously linked to until she signed on for “The Hunger Games”.

Lively is said to be the top choice for a role that Teresa Palmer and Olivia Wilde were also in consideration for, and if she lands the part it will be over the role of Glinda the Good Witch in Disney’s “Oz: The Great and Powerful” to which she’s also been linked.

Shooting is aiming to kick off in June depending upon Stone locking down the role.