“Blair Witch” Was Going To Be A Prequel

between the space of “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2” in 2000 and the release of the new sequel/remake “Blair Witch” on Friday it seems several attempts were made to revive the franchise over the sixteen year gap.

One such attempt was a prequel pitched by the same team that made the original film. Speaking with Indiewire, producer Gregg Hale and directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez spoke about their post-“Blair Witch” careers and revealed that a few years after ‘Book of Shadows,’ the group pitched a prequel to Lionsgate.

That film was to be set in 18th century New England and would have delved into the origins of the evil forces only glimpsed in the 1999 original. Hale explained what happened: “We were definitively shut down. They instinctively wanted something more distinctly connected to the original film. As the guys who had made the first film, it was weird for us to go back to the found footage well.”

Sanchez then added that they had no say in what happened next: “We would’ve loved to make a Blair Witch movie. They just decided to go in a different direction. We had no power. It’s not ours – it belongs to Lionsgate.”

The trio have nothing but compliments for the new film’s director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett who they say were very respectful of the mythology they created: “Simon is a very meticulous writer who really did his research. We just made sure that if he deviated from the mythology, the deviation made senseā€¦ I was honored, honestly, that the original material still held an important place in these guys’ hearts.”

“Blair Witch” is currently in cinemas.