“Blade Runner” Producer Not A Fan Of 2049

Clocking in at a substantial 163 minutes, three quarters of an hour longer than the original film, there’s no doubt that Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049” is a substantial meal of a movie as opposed to a quick piece of fast food.

However its length has been one of the few repeated criticisms levelled at the film, and today another voice has joined the chorus complaining about its jumbo size. Michael Deeley, a producer on the original 1984 Ridley Scott film, spoke with Screen Daily and said:

“The picture is very long. It must have been cut-able and should have been. They can’t do better [box office] because they can’t play it more than three times a day because it’s just too long, which is of course self-indulgent at the very least, arrogant probably. It’s criminal.”

Deeley wasn’t involved in the sequel’s making, and in fact hasn’t seen it as yet according to the report. He also spoke about how the first film was a box-office failure with Deeley putting the blame on fellow producers Bud Yorkin and Jerry Perenchio:

“The film didn’t catch fire for ten years so I couldn’t have made a remake or another version of it and I wouldn’t have wanted to anyway. One of the things that spelt doom straight away was when Perenchio decided that he wanted to release the picture quickly to get his money back quickly. That was ignorant and naive. The only time this picture could ever be released sensibly was in the late autumn or in the winter when you could have capitalised on award nominations. Instead, they decided to do it in summer, opposite another little known sci-fi movie – a picture called ‘ET.’ I wouldn’t talk to Bud Yorkin or Perenchio or have anything to do with them for the rest of my life.”

Despite Deeley’s criticisms, “Blade Runner 2049” has racked up critical acclaim across the board, but box-office on the film isn’t good which suggests chances of another film in this universe won’t come anytime soon.