“Blade Runner 2049” VR Coming To Oculus

Following the title reveal of “Blade Runner 2049” this morning comes word that Alcon Entertainment have announced the new division Alcon Interactive and are partnering with Oculus to distribute virtual reality experiences based on the upcoming sequel to the Ridley Scott sci-fi classic.

“The Blade Runner 2049 VR Experiences” will be exclusively distributed on the Oculus platform around the October 2017 release of the film. No word on what the experiences will entail or if fans will be able to go digitally smoking with Harrison Ford or hooking up with Ryan Gosling – in character of course.

The news comes following the Oculus Connect developer conference in San Jose today where new features and models were announced including a wireless portable headset that features inside-out tracking and new features that keep frame rates consistently at 90fps.

Source: Alcon Entertainment