“Blade Runner 2049” To Keep Sci-Fi Noir Tone

After a bunch of moderate budget but very well received films such as “Arrival,” “Sicario” and “Prisoners,” filmmaker Denis Villeneuve tries his hand at big budget filmmaking with the highly anticipated sequel “Blade Runner 2049”.

In a new interview with The Canadian Press, Villeneuve says he’s well aware how fans are keenly anticipating the sequel and the pressure that’s on him:

“The level of expectation behind this movie is huge and everybody is waiting for the movie with open arms – or with a baseball bat. The expectations are for obvious reasons: The first movie was a masterpiece and it’s a very risky, challenging project. But I will say that it has been the most rewarding and exciting experience of my life so far and I’m excited.”

He also wants fans to be clear that the new film will be tonally very consistent with the original:

“The first movie was a film noir, quite intense with melancholia and an existential crisis, so we are not far away from the thematics of the first movie, I will say. It’s the same genre, the same atmosphere.”

“Blade Runner 2049” is released in cinemas on October 6th.