Blackout Is The “Ghost Rider” Sequel Villain

Johnny Whitworth has confirmed he’s set to play the albino half-demon Blackout in the upcoming “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”.

In a AMC Theaters post, Whitworth confirmed the news of his playing that particular villain in the upcoming sequel/reboot which sees Nic Cage reprising the role of the Rider.

“For those who read the comics, the character is Blackout. Up until like page 70 [of the script] he’s human, and not a very nice guy. I get turned into him by the Devil to complete my job… to fight Ghost Rider. [Satan] gives me the abilities to compete on some level with that guy” says Whitworth.

In the comics, the character has mechanically enhanced vampire-like teeth and an extreme sensitivity to sunlight. The Rider’s famous stare also won’t work on him.