“Black Panther” Is A “Grittier, Darker” Marvel Film

Even though it’s not due out for almost two years, there’s certainly palpable excitement for “Creed” director Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther” film at Marvel Studios. Though we saw Chadwick Boseman debut in the role of T’Challa in “Captain America: Civil War” back in May, he won’t be slipping back into the black catsuit for a few months yet.

In late July, Boseman and Coogler attended San Diego Comic Con where they gave numerous interviews about the film. One of them slipped through the cracks and has only now gone online over at CBR, the talk featuring the man opening up quite a bit about the film and its tone which will be the most DC-like of the Marvel films:

“It’s funny, because on one hand, the Marvel movies that I’ve liked the most are the ones that are funny. I love Ant-Man. But for me, most of the time the darker superhero movies are the ones that I gravitate towards, that I love the most. So I’m glad that I’m not in an Ant-Man. I’m glad that the tone of [Black Panther] may be a little grittier. I just wanted to establish that from the beginning, that that’s what we were doing. That that’s what I intend to do. I feel like we’ll end up in a place that I’ve always wanted to be when I look at superhero movies. Those are the ones I like the most. It’s exciting to do that.”

Boseman’s performance in ‘Civil War’ was well received and the actor particularly likes the way his character ended on a more forgiving note – something that will carry on into the new film:

“I feel like you get a chance to see that he’s not going to be a selfish ruler. He’s not going to be a dictator. He’s not going to be a person that does things purely for his own gain. That he does have a heroic aspect at the heart of a hero; of a leader. You can pull for him, because he’s merciful. And it leaves room also for him to do things that are not necessarily perfect.”

The film will be the first comic book movie of the modern era to feature a black superhero, along with a black director and mostly black cast in a major superhero blockbuster. Boseman says that will have an impact on the storytelling:

“I feel the energy. The image itself opens people’s minds up. You can talk about it all you want, you can have it in a comic book, you can even do an animated series, but when you see real people doing it, it changes something inside of you. It’s going to be a big deal because there’s not just Black people or people of African descent that want to see it, I think everybody wants to see it. That’s the beautiful thing. I truly believe there are more people who want to see it than don’t want to see it, especially after being here.”

“Black Panther” is set for release on February 16th 2018.