“Black Panther” First Clip & New Featurette

Marvel Studios has premiered both the first clip and a featurette for their upcoming “Black Panther” film. The clip shows part of a car chase including the famous ‘flipping shot’ from all the trailers.

Additionally, it reveals that the Black Panther suit is more than just bulletproof, it can absorb the impact of those bullets and channel that kinetic energy into a large pulse on demand. The clip comes at the start of an interview by Ellen DeGeneres with leading man Chadwick Boseman.

The featurette meanwhile goes a bit more into the history of Wakanda and the portrayal of this secret African nation of kings, queens, warriors and high technology blended with more traditional African elements.

The clips follow a recent interview with Forest Whitaker about the film, one in which he appears to drop a spoiler about one setting you wouldn’t expect regarding the film. The Ryan Coogler-directed “Black Panther” opens in cinemas on February 16th.