“Black Ops 4” Developers On Cutting Single Player

Though they’ve been talking up various elements of the game like its Battle Royale mode ‘Blackout’, much of the talk surrounding this Fall’s “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” is still focused on Treyarch’s decision to ditch the title’s single player campaign.

The new title has been designed from the ground up as a social and competitive multiplayer experience only, along with sporting the ‘Blackout’ map which is 1,500 times larger than the previous most notable map of the series – ‘Nuketown’.

Now gameplay designer Matt Scronce has spoken with Screen Rant and explained why Treyarch completely ditched the single player element:

“Well, we never set out to really make a traditional campaign. Its always been about creating a social experience for our players, high replayability. Even going back to Black Ops 3 it wasn’t your typical campaign. You could play it with your friends. You could play it in any order you wanted to.

There comes a time during the iterative process of development where you take a look at something that’s not achieving the goals you set out to achieve or it’s not hitting the bar that you expect from yourself or that the players expect from us, then we’re not afraid to cut that and move on to the next thing. And that’s what happened there.

That kind of gave us the ability to move to Blackout which we’re super excited about – you know, the biggest map in Call of Duty history with the most players in Call of Duty history. It’s kind of part of the process of development and at Treyarch we’re not afraid to do things like that.”

So despite reports of the single player element being ditched due to delays, it sounds as though the designers have been planning it since early on – taking a gamble with the game’s new Battle Royale mode hoping it will be substantial enough to replace an offline campaign. Whether a sizeable enough audience will still be around five or ten years from now to make the game’s MP component worth playing – we’ll have to wait and see.