Black Manta Is The “Aquaman” Villain

Black Manta, the most famous and lethal of the various foes of DC Comics underwater hero Aquaman, will serve as the main antagonist of the James Wan-directed “Aquaman” solo film at Warner Bros. Pictures says The Wrap. Jason Momoa will reprise the role of the King of Atlantis which he’s currently playing in the in-production “Justice League” film.

First introduced in 1967 and having undergone several revisions, each version of Black Manta essentially has him vowing revenge on Aquaman for a perceived slight be it the accidental death of a father to the not intervening when he was kidnapped and sexually abused. Manta is a violent human with a battle-suit capable of functioning in any oceanic environment.

There was a rumor last year that Common might play the role but that’s no longer the case it seems. Will Beal is writing the screenplay based off a treament by Geoff Johns and James Wan. The film is currently targeting a July 27th 2018 release.