Black Cat Debuts In PS4’s “Spider-Man” Trailer

Black Cat Debuts In Ps4s Spider Man Trailer

A first look at the design of Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat, in the upcoming “Spider-Man” video game for PS4 has been revealed in the teaser trailer for said game’s first of three packs of downloadable content.

Insomniac Games is poised to release the game this coming Friday with the DLC pack ‘The Heist’ involving Black Cat to launch October 23rd. In the comics, Felicia Hardy was one of the most significant love interests in Spider-Man’s life – but it’s unclear how much if any of that backstory will be translated to the game.

It’s also not clear if players will get to control Black Cat in the DLC. The character of Mary Jane is a controllable character in certain parts of the new “Spider-Man” game so having Black Cat as one wouldn’t be unprecedented.

Two additional chapters of DLC will be released including ‘Turf Wars’ in November and ‘Silver Lining’ in December with Silver Sable likely to be the focus of the latter.