Bioshock Creator Plans “Twilight Zone” Reboot

Digital video company Interlude has secured a deal with CBS to develop an interactive reboot of the “Twilight Zone” franchise for The Wrap.

Even more exciting, “Bioshock” creator Ken Levine will be writing and directing the pilot episode of the series which will blend television and gaming – allowing viewers to choose where the narrative goes.

Levine spoke with Wired some more about the project: “Playing my games, you can probably tell Twilight Zone is something I grew up with. They speak to a larger truth. They’re morality plays, fables, and often they’re about a character who is going through an experience that’s central to their life but also speaks to a larger part of the human condition. I don’t think [Rod] Serling, at the beginning, set out to be a science-fiction writer. But he found that this is a great medium to do metaphor.”

Levine adds that the writing process has already begun: “We’ve done a rough outline of what we want to do and now we’re stepping into the writing process, figuring out how to leverage the interactive element to make a narrative tale feel more personal for the viewer, and make them more engaged. As with all other Interlude videos, viewers can return repeatedly and have a different viewing experience each time.”

No word on when the series might premiere.