Biopics Dominate 2018 Black List Scripts

Biopics Dominate 2018 Black List Scripts

The 2018 Black List, which chronicles the most liked unproduced screenplays in a given calendar year and is voted on by over 300 industry executives, has arrived.

Topping the list with 38 votes is Elissa Karasik’s “Frat Boy Genius” about a disgruntled employee of Snapchat telling the story of the rise of her former Stanford classmate, pre-eminent douchebag and current boss Evan Spiegel.

In second with 35 votes is Zach Baylin’s “King Richard” which looks at the hard-nosed and uncompromising father of tennis prodigies Venus and Serena Williams. Close behind with 34 votes is Christy Hall’s Halloween-set “Get Home Safe” about a young woman who must get home by herself with no cell phone battery and a group of gamergate trolls out to get her.

Others making the list with numerous votes are Cody Brotter’s “Drudge” which is a biopic about Matt Drudge, the roadside diner is a hangout for multiverse travellers script “Harry’s All-Night Hamburgers,” Emerald Fennell’s “Promising Young Woman” about a woman struggling with getting vengeance against those that led her friend to suicide, and “Cobweb” about a boy who must free the girl his parents have kept trapped within the walls of his house.

Further down are biopics about sports reporter A.J. Daulerio, astronaut Sally Ride, media luminary Wendi Deng, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Sharon Osbourne, Vanilla Ice, Samuel L. Jackson and Colonel Custer. Black List scripts have won nearly half of the screenwriting Oscars for this century and were four of the last ten Best Picture winners.

The full list is up at Indiewire