Binge Watching Reduces Reading, Sunburn?

Thanks to the increased use of streaming services with their on-demand access, it seems the average American is doing less of their regular Summer activities.

A new survey of 800 U.S. adults age 18-59 was conducted by New York-based research and consulting firm Miner & Co. Studio and has revealed that binge-watching TV series over the summer has had an impact on classic pastimes of the season. According to the survey:

– 87% said they have watched or planned to watch three or more episodes of a series in one sitting while vacationing this summer.

– 86% say that “streaming has made summer TV viewing more enjoyable than previous summers/vacations.”

– 76% agreed that binge-watching is now commonplace for their families and friends while on holiday.

– 67% of U.S. consumers surveyed say they are reading fewer books than previous summer vacations because they’re watching TV shows streamed online.

– 65% of users with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or other VOD services agree that they’re going to movie theaters less this summer “because I can stream most of the shows/series I want to watch”.

– 62% are more likely to stream in places where they used to read.

– 59% agreed with the statement, “I am spending less time in the sun because I can stream shows/series.” Take that skin cancer.

– 48% say they’ve added more streaming devices this summer compared with years past

– 25% say they’re watching less cable and satellite TV programming this year because of streaming.

In terms of popularity, Netflix and YouTube are the most popular and used by 90% and 93% of survey respondents respectively. 77% say they stream episodes from TV network websites.

Source: Variety