Binge Watchers Do It Six Episodes A Pop

Deloitte’s annual ‘Digital Democracy Survey’ has shown that binge-watching has caught on… big time. The newest study finds that 73% of U.S. consumers have binge-watched video content – defined as watching three or more episodes of a show in one session. That’s up from 68% two years ago.

Age has a big impact – around 90% of millennials (20-33) and 87% of Gen Z (ages 14-19) have binge-watched video content, while on a weekly basis almost 40% of people in those demographics binge-watch TV – compared with 29% overall.

The study also finds that an average of six episodes, or about five hours of content, is what’s usually consumed in a single sitting. Gen Z and millennials are opting to watch elsewhere with only half their consumption done on TV sets, as opposed to Gen X-ers (aged 34-50) at 60% watching programs on TV and Baby Boomers (51-69) with over 80% of viewing on TVs.

About 49% of U.S. consumers subscribe to at least one paid streaming video service, and 74% of consumers subscribe to cable, satellite or telco TV with two-thirds of them saying the main reason they keep their TV subscriptions is because it’s bundled with their internet service.

There’s also the multi-task question with 99% of millennials and Gen Z engaging in other activities while watching TV – in fact they average four additional activities like texting, web surfing, social networks, email and online shopping.

Source: Variety