Billy Ray Talks Westworld Remake

Writer/director Billy Ray (“Shattered Glass,” “Breach”) tells Sci-Fi Wire that he’s currently writing the script for a new version of the sci-fi classic “Westworld” for Warner Bros. Pictures.

“There is no director attached. I would resist the idea of directing it myself, not that they’ve offered it to me, because I don’t want the pressure of that kind of a budget sitting on my shoulders” says Ray.

“Jurassic Park” and “Rising Sun” authro Michael Crichton wrote and directed the original 1973 film starring Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin and James Brolin.

The futuristic drama cast Benjamin and Brolin as visitors to an amusement park where visitors can play out entertainment fantasies with the help of virtual reality and robots. The trouble starts when the robots begin to fight back.

“I love the basic idea of the movie, which is that our amusements can kill us. I also think the movie provides a great platform for exploring how sometimes machines can behave like humans while humans can sometimes behave like machines” adds Ray.

As for Crichton’s potential involvement? “My understanding is that he was offered the chance to do the first draft of this remake a few years ago, and his response was, ‘I already remade that movie; the remake was called Jurassic Park. In many ways, he was right.”