Billy Bob Talks Bad Santa Sequel

Whilst it may not have set the box-office on fire, there’s a lot of love for Billy Bob Thornton’s pitch black comedy “Bad Santa” – so much so a sequel has been talked about.

Thornton tells IGN Movies that execs at Dimension have “mentioned the idea a few times,” but nothing is definitely in place.

“I can say they’re interested because it has been brought to my attention. But I don’t know where exactly things stand with it. Right now I think it’s still just nothing more than an idea.”

Would he do it though? “I’d probably do it. It was such a ball making the first film, I’d be more than happy to bring him back. The guy’s just a really fun character to play.”

One stipulation – the character must remain an asshole – “I suspect there might be a temptation to make him more of a softy or make him more of a likeable guy. He’s really just a bad guy, and if you mess with that, you’re pulling the essence out of the guy. He’s just bad. He’d still have to be bad.”

Another would be the involvement of the original film’s director Terry Zwigoff – “I don’t know if Terry wants to do it,” says Thornton. “I don’t know where his interest level is. But he’d be an important part of it. Without him it wouldn’t be nearly as good”.

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