“Big Little Lies” S2 Filming In Spring 2018

Thoguh HBO hasn’t confirmed it, TVLine reports that the premium cable network is eyeing a Spring 2018 start of production date for the second season of its much talked about seven-episode limited series “Big Little Lies” from earlier this year.

The show’s writer David E. Kelly basically confirmed last week that HBO is getting all the necessary parts together before an official greenlight comes through, telling the outlet: “We’re kicking around ideas and trying to lasso the talent [and] get the band back together. It’s just a lot of logistical things. But I’m optimistic because everyone wants to do it. We feel we still have storytelling to do. No decision has been made yet, but we’re hopeful.”

The first season won eight Emmys and the cast has been vocal about wanting to do another season of the show in various interviews and talk show appearances. Reese Witherspoon was to star in Noah Hawley’s astronaut drama “Pale Blue Dot” which was to start production at the same time but now she’s dropped out of that project.