Big Changes Coming For “Doctor Who”?

Since its reboot in 2005, “Doctor Who” has seen numerous changes to its tone and feel in its first seven seasons and specials.

The first five seasons were similar, blending mostly standalone episodes (with some two and three parters) with season long arc elements that came together in the final few episodes. The sixth season ramped up the serialisation with one giant story dominating all, whilst the seventh opted for almost entirely standalone works.

The tone of the series has also changed, shifting from the slightly more classic sci-fi/soap opera elements of the Russell T. Davies-produced era to the dark fantasy/childhood fairytale tone of the Steven Moffat-produced era. Both incarnations have featured some stories aimed squarely at kids, and some quite dark and adult-themed episodes which are really for older audiences.

With the eighth season and new Doctor Peter Capaldi soon upon us, show runner Steven Moffat has promised that things are set to change yet again. With the story threads from the previous Doctors essentially all tidied up, this minor reboot may be the most drastic to date.

Speaking at the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts, Moffat says:

“It needed to change. One of the hardest things ever to do, is to notice when your clever new idea is now your very old idea.

We haven’t made much of a change to Doctor Who since it came back in 2005. Its been the same show. It has maybe amped some things up and lowered some things, but it is basically the same.

I just feel it needs to be a bit more different now, it just needs to be surprising again. We’ve got the hang of this, we need to change it. The rhythm has to alter, which it has.”

Changing things up is also why Moffat didn’t want to cast yet another “handsome yet quirky young man with entertaining hair”. In other ‘Who’ news, pop singer Foxes is set to perform a song and appear in the new series.