Big-Budget “Fantomas” Feature Planned

A feature film adaptation of the best-selling French detective novel series “Fantomas” is underway at La Petite Reine reports Variety.

Christophe Gans (“Silent Hill,” “Brotherhood of the Wolf”) is co-writing the screenplay and will direct the story which follows the ingenious but amoral master of disguise who’s also a sadistic killer,

In this $60-70 million film, using both French and English dialogue, Fantomas will face off with a villain of equal or even more dastardly dimensions. David Martinez co-wrote the script,

There are forty three novels in the series published over the past century and the property has been adapted numerous times before for both film and television.

Shooting kicks off later this year or early 2010, pushing back Gans’ “The Swedish Cavalier” with Vincent Cassel.