Bieber’s “Believe” Bombs Badly… Bummer

It looks like the heat of Bieber fever may be over, now comes the cold sweat. “Believe,” Justin Bieber’s second concert documentary, has had a truly dismal performance at the Christmas box office.

Opening on Wednesday, the film has earned only $3.1 million in its first three days, falling to just $790,000 on Friday for a 14th place finish. Over its five-day debut, “Believe” is looking likely to garner $4.5 million.

Only costing $5 million to make, and another $5 million to market, the film will make its money back. That gross though is a gigantic drop from the $29.5 million that the first Bieber doco, “Never Say Never,” opened to in February 2011.

That first one had a lifetime domestic gross of $73 million, whereas “Believe” is looking likely to close out with about $10 million. Compared with other concert doco films, “One Direction: This Is Us” opened earlier this year to $15.8 million.

To be fair to “Believe,” it was released through a smaller distributor (Open Road Films), opened on one-third of the screens of ‘Never’, and opened inexplicably during the already overcrowded Christmas period. Even so, it has now supplanted last year’s “Katy Perry: Part of Me” as the worst opening concert documentary film of modern times.

Source: Box-Office Mojo