Bieber Replacing Paul Walker In “Fast 7”? No

In arguably the most disturbing report of the year, singer Justin Bieber’s name has been cited as a potential to take over the male lead role in “Fast and Furious 7” following the death of Paul Walker.

CarBuzz (via The International Business Times) suggested the casting which actually comes from quotes made some time ago by cast member Ludacris. A good friend of both Walker and Bieber, Ludacris previously said he was trying to get the latter a role in the film.

The report goes on to say “The idea proposed is to put none other than Justin Bieber in the movie. Whether the idea is to actually replace Walker with Bieber playing the same character, or if some other idea is being worked out (Bieber could be the younger, twerpier brother, for example) isn’t entirely clear.”

Even the site acknowledges the rumors are ludicrous (no pun intended), but it is one of those ideas that has a (VERY) slim chance of garnering traction – especially if Universal has to start over again.