Beverly Hills Cop 4 Story Details

With a fourth “Beverly Hills Cop” aiming for a 2010 release, Latino Review has scored an early look at “Wanted” scribes Michael Brandt and Derek Haas’ script for this new adventure of Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy).

The storyline of the new one kicks off when Foley’s former partner Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) leaping off the twentieth story of Los Angeles Police HQ. Foley, who refuses to believe it was a suicide, returns to LA to find who did it.

Foley has a new partner named Goodwin, a fat rookie with low self-esteem who has a crush on a lady cop. There’s also the wise-cracking limo driver Elliott who adds comic relief, and a scheme that involves corrupt LAPD cops and a rich kid with military links who’re into arms dealing.

Lorenzo DiBonaventura produces and Brett Ratner is slated to direct. Murphy’s return is unsure at present and the review itself paints a very bad picture of the project. Click Here for the full review.