Betty Thomas Set To Helm “Desperados”

Betty Thomas (“Private Parts,” “Dr. Dolittle”) is being offered and is likely to accept the job of directing the comedy “Desperados” for Universal Pictures reports The Los Angeles Times.

The film is being promoted as a female “The Hangover” (ie. an outrageous road trip). Ellen Rapoport penned the script about a woman who gets very upset when her new boyfriend doesn’t get back in touch with her after they have sex.

After sending an indignant email to him, she soon learns the truth – he’s comatose in a Mexican hospital. In a panic she and her friends race to Mexico in an effort to intercept the email before he recovers.

Isla Fischer has been attached to the project since last year, while the studio is currently seeking two other female leads. Mark Gordon and Jason Blum are producing and filming kicks off at the end of the year. Wayne McClammy was tipped as a potential director but that’s no longer the case.