Better Call Saul Producers Talk The Setting

One surprise reveal recently was that “Better Call Saul,” AMC’s upcoming spin-off of “Breaking Bad,” would not be a straight prequel as first reported. Rather, the show would jump around in time with events set both before and after those in “Breaking Bad”.

Talking up the series at the TCA Summer Press Tour this week, exec producer Vince Gilligan was asked about the setting and confirmed that the series will be mostly be set in the year 2002 – seven years before the events in “Breaking Bad” which took place between 2009 and 2011. There will be jumps in time though:

“I think the best way to answer this is that you saw, from Breaking Bad, we like non-linear storytelling. I would definitely point you in the direction of anything that is possible on Breaking Bad is possible on Better Call Saul. It’s fun for us to be as non-linear as possible.”

Critics asked which characters from ‘Bad’ we will see in the first season beyond the already announced key ones like Saul Goodman. Producer/writer Peter Gould says that they are now working on the eighth episode and have yet to bring back anyone for surprise cameos:

“We’re trying to make something that stands on its own, that has entertainment value not just as seeing a series of old favorites…not the series equivalent of a clip show.”

Gilligan also says the recent delay of the show’s premiere from late 2014 to early 2015 was due to his own slow writing:

“We had a pace, thanks to AMC and Sony, on Breaking Bad that was deliciously stately for television. We averaged three weeks just for breaking episodes. Not a surprise to me, we’re doing same with Better Call Saul and we feel that pays dividends. With Breaking Bad, people said that seemed to knit together pretty well…So here we are again, doing same.”