Bethesda Won’t Ditch “Wolfenstein,” Single Player

Bethesda Wont Ditch Wolfenstein Single Player

“Fallout,” “Doom” and “Dishonored” game franchise studio Bethesda has confirmed that it is making a third title in its successful “Wolfenstein” game series and have restated their commitment to supporting single player.

The company has been hit by concerns over its potential ditching of single player games after the upcoming “Fallout 76” was announced as an online-only multiplayer game title.

Pete Hines, senior VP of global marketing and communications, discussed the future of Bethesda with Metro (via Variety) and reaffirmed “Absolutely we’re making a ‘Wolfenstein III'” even as the second one didn’t do quite as well as they hoped. He then goes on to say:

“Single-player is an important part of who we are but we’re also willing to have BGS [Bethesda Game Studios]. We get asked about online and multiplayer and we want to try and do a multiplayer version of our kind of games. We do believe in single-player. We are a business, we are trying to make money so we’re doing things that we think are smart. We’re doing things we think people will want and will be successful. And it’s gonna continue to be a mix.”

Hines was vaguer on the future of the “Dishonored” franchise, saying developer Arkane has two studios and are working on multiple projects so don’t “read too much” into the talk of the franchise “resting”.

Next year sees the release of “Wolfenstein: Youngblood,” a solo and co-op standalone sequel to “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus” which also serves as a prequel to “Wolfenstein 3”. The sequel takes place 19 years after New Colossus and moves into the 1980s where it will focus on B.J.’s twin daughters, Jess and Soph as the newest members of the Global Resistance against the Nazis.