Besson’s “Lucy” Flees Taiwan Over Paparazzi?

It looks as if Luc Besson’s new superhero film “Lucy” may be cutting short its shoot in Taiwan.

CNA English News reports that Besson has canceled filming several proposed scenes in downtown Taipei and is considering returning to Europe as soon as this week.

The reason is said to be due to security concerns over the aggressive tactics of the local paparazzi and media.

Scarlett Johansson stars in the film as a woman forced to become a drug mule. After the substance accidentally enters her body, she acquires supernatural abilities, and becomes a fighting machine.

Johansson and the crew arrived in the country last week to begin filming, since then however several incidents involving photographers and reporters have turned nasty.

On Friday, Besson’s crew was nearly involved in a car accident with a vehicle driven by local press who were trying to get closer for a shot.

Taipei mayor Hau Lung-bin quickly issued a statement urging the media to exercise more self-restraint and follow prearranged coverage rules.

The next day, security for the film tangled with reporters again, resulting in police being called to the location.

Johansson is also said to have been “spooked” by the aggressiveness of the local paparazzi who were banging on the windows of a car she was in that was stopped at a red light.